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To be honest this discussion just got very hard to keep up with on Twitter with so many people tagged in the discussion. 140 characters are quickly used up when you are tagging 7 or more people.

Following my chat last year at RMA and the excited reaction from many clinicians my idea was originally to do a workshop at GPET as I will already be there representing GPSN. Have previously discussed this with some people but I am now thinking we can expand it.

With the amount of #SoMe GP’s now in circulation, we could all work together to develop a consistent 1.5hr workshop program that could be delivered at GP13, GPET13 and RMA13 so that as many GP’s as possible get the chance to find out about Social Media (and we can sign up as many as possible!).

If we all work together we could develop a high quality and consistent program that is delivered at each event. We could also then develop associated hand outs, training material and online resources to give new #SoMe people the best possible chance to hit the ground running. ( anyone?)

As we are all busy and won’t all be able to make every event, we can share out the process of presenting the workshops, but should aim for 2-3 people to be available. If we aim for a 40% theory 60% practical mix we could then have floating team members who roam around the room helping people sign up to Twitter (and we don’t let people leave the room until they can show they have a Twitter account!).

Over to you, what do you think?


Part 2 – Discussion of Structure/Content

Wow. So we just went to lunch at #SMACC2013 and by the time we came back we now have a small army. Excellent!

My thoughts for the next stage are to develop a basic plan for content to be presented as a talk during the workshop, activities to be completed during the practical component, content or tools to be provided as printed resources on the day and also additional resources or content that could be provided online to form a “GP Guide to Social Media” as a next step for beginners who have completed the course and want to continue exploring the potential of Social Media.

So that everyone can submit ideas for each of the headings below without having to tag everyone in the discussion, let’s use the #GPSoMeRoadshow hashtag and then put the number of the heading below that you are referring to. Eg “#GPSoMeRoadshow Ideas for 1: How to sign up (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin), Guidelines for safe use of SoMe”

I’ve added a few ideas below off the top of my head but this is a group list so feel free to suggest things and I will just add them

1. Content for Presentation at Workshop

  • Basics of SoMe
    • Overview of SoMe Types (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc.)
    • Basic SoMe statistics in Australia
    • Statistics for SoMe use by Health Professionals in Australia
    • ?
  • Value of SoMe
    • Networking
    • Staying Current (journal clubs etc.)
    • Industry News
    • ?
  • SoMe in General Practice
    • ?

2. Activities to be completed at the workshop

  • Signing up to SoMe
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
  • Adding SoMe to devices
    • PC
    • Tablet
    • Smartphone
  • Using SoMe
    • Navigating SoMe (Twitter, Facebook)
    • Writing your first tweet
    • Following a hashtag
    • Etiquette
  • ?

3. Written tools or resources to be provided at the workshop

  • Guide to signing up to SoMe
  • Guidelines for SoMe use (RCGP? AMA/AMSA?)
  • Hashtag guide (HCSMANZ, FOAMed etc.)
  • ?

4. Online Resources

  • Blogs to visit
  • People to follow
  • Guides for taking your practice online eg Edwin Kruys
  • Guide for public health promotion through SoMe eg Healthy Bear
  • ?

To add ideas to this list or give feedback, click here to edit the Google Document (we can all edit it and give comments directly)

This is just my initial thinking, happy to take any and all advice on this. Also, if someone has suggestions for a better way to coordinate this, happy to change the approach. This will work for today but long term coordination will require another approach such as an email list, Facebook group or team site like Teamlab (a very useful teamwork system).

Finally, who has volunteered to become involved with this? I have put a list below of everyone I managed to pick up in the flurry of tweets, but please let me know if you are wanting to be involved or not involved. Thanks!

Dave TownsendGP Social Media Roadshow #GPSoMeRoadshow
  • Tim Leeuwenburg

    Sounds good…

  • Dr Edwin Kruys

    Great, count me in

  • Mel Clothier

    I like it Dave!

  • Penny Wilson

    A good idea, Dave. Abstract submission deadlines are rapidly approaching, though! How would you propose moving it forward?

    I’m certainly happy to be involved with GPET as I’ll be there anyway.

    Would be great to be able to demonstrate the practical applications of SoMe for: Networking / reducing isolation / FOAM / sharing resources and particularly on how it would apply to different groups eg Reg / student / GP.

  • Penny Wilson

    Also – a strong message to RTPs as to how this can be incorporated into formal GP training would be excellent. Many are lagging behind the times here. For example, at WAGPET we RLOs were talking about how to engage registrars online and the suggestion from WAGPET was to use online forums / message boards, which was a great idea 5-10 years ago but I think we should all be moving on now! The trainers need help from below to keep up to date with those they are trying to train.

  • Aaron Sparshott

    Looks good Dave.

  • Dave Townsend

    Have just added a link to Google Doc so that everyone can add feedback directly. Link is below list

  • Dr Edwin Kruys

    Looks good. I would also add online reputation management for doctors, see and the value of blogging

  • Karen Price

    Yes count me in!! Similar presentation to our Women In GP conference in June with Charles Alpren twitter and blogger, Jill Tomlinson SoMe editor of ANZ Journal of Surgery, and me. But we have a short time slot so an introduction with roving demonstrators as well. Havent gone into Linked in in great detail but Twitter and Facebook and blogging. As well as Mayo Clinic rules and Troll management. KISS principle. Dont want too much info to overwhelm newbies. Like introducing computers to Drs who are scared to look like they dont know something, we take one small step at a time………..

  • Karen Price

    I meant older Drs not the I Generation…….LOL!

  • Casey Parker

    Hi Dave
    I think I submitted the exact same proposal to GPET13! Convergent evolution of great ideas!
    Goes to show – we are not all so closely linked up!
    If we get accepted we just do it as one big happy family